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3 BIG Reasons Some Companies Require Professional Driving Lessons For Their Employees

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Whether you have found a job with a flower delivery company or a medical equipment service, being hired on as a driver may come with something that is a surprise to you. Some employers who have to hire drivers to conduct their daily business will require those drivers to undergo some form of driving lessons with a professional driving school–even if there is nothing special about the vehicle driven and you’ve had your license for a while. Read More»

Your Single Engine Plane Has Lost Power: What Do You Do Now?

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Flying single engine planes is a great way to learn how to fly, but if your engine goes out in mid-flight, you’re in a precarious situation. However, it’s possible to safely land your plane and walk away without a scratch. Here’s how. How Long You Can Glide It’s okay to feel a sense of panic when your engine goes out, but you can’t give in to that difficult emotion. You’re in a difficult spot, but it is possible to get out of this okay. Read More»