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Head-To-Head Classroom Competitions

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If you're a teacher, teaching your students to study vocabulary words may typically involve giving them homework to do over the weekend, but this method can be ineffective, especially if the children do not have anyone to aid them in their studies. Purchasing some educational crossword puzzles and use a competition setup and encouraging your students to engage in the team battle can be a fun and effective way to teach vocabulary.

Puzzles For The Kids And A Larger Copy Of The Crossword

Educational crossword puzzles that are designed for children can make a classroom activity something that each student looks forward to. Purchase puzzles that relate to the material that your students are currently learning. Small puzzle sheets can be passed out separately to the students, and you can buy a larger copy of the same crossword and display it near the front of the room.

Prior to holding a classroom competition, let your pupils know about the proposal and allow your students to pick teams. Teams that consist of two groups of an equal amount of students will make the gameplay fair. Allow a couple days for the students to study their notes. 

The Competition

On the day of the competition, secure the large puzzle to the dry-erase board that is in the front of the room. Pass out smaller copies of the puzzle, which are each printed on a standard-sized piece of paper. Allow the groups to sit next to one another and encourage the students to review their puzzles for a few minutes.

Prepare some paper cards that each contain a printed letter of the alphabet. The letter cards can be used as hints, to aid a student in solving a clue. Give each student the opportunity to approach the board and answer one of the clues. If you notice that a student is having difficulty with a clue, allow them to select one of the letter cards that are designated for the particular clue that the child is attempting to solve.

Keep track of how many clues are solved by each team. The team who is able to solve the most clues can be rewarded with a homework pass or another incentive. Use this study setup before each vocabulary quiz or test that is going to be assigned during the school year. The educational puzzles will keep information fresh in your students' minds and help them improve their overall grade in your class.