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3 Things To Consider When Sending Your Children To Private School

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Deciding where to send your children to school can be a big challenge. When looking into school systems, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Things like class size, curriculum, school location, extracurricular activities, and your child's needs play roles when choosing a school. What type of school works for your children may also change as they go from elementary school to middle school and then into high school. Many parents find themselves stuck between a private school education and a public school education for their children. For those who are looking into private schools, here are three things to consider.

Class Size

One of the biggest advantages that private schools have over public schools is that the class size is often much smaller. The average class size for a private school is 19 students per classroom compared to an average of 25 for public schools. If your children do better in a classroom wither fewer students, then a private school may be the right choice. Private schools are often able to give students more individual attention due to better student-to-teacher ratios.

Are Your Children On Track For College?

When it comes to going to college, students who graduate from a private school are more likely to go on to four-year post-secondary education. In fact around 95 percent of private school graduates continue on to post-secondary education compared to 49 percent of public school graduates. Private schools are also more likely to offer counseling pertaining to college related activities and to offer coursework that prepares them for college academics. If your child is looking for more rigorous and varied academics, then private school may be the right fit. Private school may also be a good option if you have a less motivated student who needs help getting to the next level.

The Cost

Cost is another thing to consider when it comes to private schools. Private schools can range from a few thousand dollars a year to tens of thousands a year for very selective institutions. The average cost per year for a private elementary school is $7,770 while the average annual cost for a private high school is $13,030. Choosing private school for your children is an investment. However, in many cases a private school is the best option for your child's education.

Around 10 percent of all elementary and secondary students attend private school. Deciding whether or not private school is the right choice for your children can be difficult. When looking into private schools it's important to consider things like class size, whether your children are on track for college, and the overall cost of their education.