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3 Keys For Your Child To Grow And Develop Over The Summer

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When you want to raise kids that are self-actualized, healthy and strong, you need to be sure that you are engaging them in ways that lend to this. You will be better able to do so when you take a year-round approach to their development – summertime included. The tips below will help you put your thinking cap on when it comes to making sure your kids are taken care of in this regard. Read More»

When Your School Cuts Music Classes, You Should Get Your Child Into Music School

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The unfortunate truth about our education system and others around the world is that creative classes are being phased out slowly due to budget cuts and other issues. It is easier for them to justify expensive sporting programs and an increase in teacher salary than it is a music program that costs only a thousand dollars or so to run. This problem is troubling because there are many mental health benefits that your child can receive from music lessons. Read More»

Think Your Child Is Too Young For School? 4 Ways They Can Benefit From Preschool

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When it comes to your child’s education, you might think that it all begins in kindergarten. However, for your child to have a firm foundation, their education should actually begin way before that. It should actually begin in preschool. If you’ve decided to skip preschool and keep your child at home until kindergarten, you may be preventing them from receiving valuable lessons; lessons that they can only learn in a preschool setting. Read More»

Answers To Your Questions About Medical Coding Career Training

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As the large population of baby boomers age, the need for more professionals within the medical field also increases. The good news is you don’t have to a doctor, nurse, or tech to take advantage of these job opportunities. Non-medical support staff is also needed, particularly in hospital and private practice billing offices. The following guide can walk you through the basics of billing and coding so you can determine if it is the right career choice for you. Read More»

Becoming A Teacher? Two Tips To Help You Choose The Right Learning Activities

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Starting a teaching career can be one of the most exciting times in any person’s life.  You get the opportunity to influence the minds of young learners and possibly even instill a love of learning deep within their psyche.  However, the first step to making a difference in any pupil’s life is making sure that you have the appropriate learning activities. You need lessons that are impactful and that resonate without being too difficult for your learners to understand. Read More»

Professional Growth With Spiritual Contentment - Advantages Of Embracing Leadership In A Christian School

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Finding the proper balance between your home and work life can be a difficult challenge for many people. If your faith is at the center of your daily existence, it might be frustrating to feel as though you have to put that aside if your profession is in education. It’s important, then, to look for a fit that can allow you to meld those key parts of yourself. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the advantages of seeking out and embracing a leadership role in a Christian school. Read More»

Fun Ways To Help Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

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Building fine motor skills is an important part of helping your child learn and grow. Fine motor skills will help your child grasp a pencil when it’s time, be able to pick up small items, hold a pair of scissors and cut on the proper line, and other activities. There are several ways to help develop and strengthen these skills. To keep it from feeling like a chore, make the activities fun and enjoyable for your preschooler. Read More»

3 BIG Reasons Some Companies Require Professional Driving Lessons For Their Employees

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Whether you have found a job with a flower delivery company or a medical equipment service, being hired on as a driver may come with something that is a surprise to you. Some employers who have to hire drivers to conduct their daily business will require those drivers to undergo some form of driving lessons with a professional driving school–even if there is nothing special about the vehicle driven and you’ve had your license for a while. Read More»

Your Single Engine Plane Has Lost Power: What Do You Do Now?

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Flying single engine planes is a great way to learn how to fly, but if your engine goes out in mid-flight, you’re in a precarious situation. However, it’s possible to safely land your plane and walk away without a scratch. Here’s how. How Long You Can Glide It’s okay to feel a sense of panic when your engine goes out, but you can’t give in to that difficult emotion. You’re in a difficult spot, but it is possible to get out of this okay. Read More»