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When Your School Cuts Music Classes, You Should Get Your Child Into Music School

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The unfortunate truth about our education system and others around the world is that creative classes are being phased out slowly due to budget cuts and other issues. It is easier for them to justify expensive sporting programs and an increase in teacher salary than it is a music program that costs only a thousand dollars or so to run. This problem is troubling because there are many mental health benefits that your child can receive from music lessons. As a result, you should consider music school for your child if music is being cut at their school.

There Are Many Long-Term Neurological Benefits To Music Lessons

While many schools will argue that classes like drama and music are not beneficial to a child, modern psychology and science have proven otherwise. A recent study at Northwestern University found that adults, between the ages of 55-76, who had 4-14 years of musical training were able to respond to sounds more quickly than those who had not.

There were other benefits that they found, such as decreased anxiety and an overall stronger mental process and focus. If you want your child to get these benefits, you will need to enroll them in a music school. However, you need to make sure that they are both excited about learning an instrument and ready to put in the practice time.

Helping Your Child In This Process

Keep your child engaged in music school by letting them pick the instrument that interests them. For example, if they want to try a challenging instrument like a violin, support them in this choice. Make sure that you talk to the music school about your child's strengths and weaknesses, such as their fine motor skills, to get approval for an instrument.

And when your child is ready to practice at night, sit down with them and let them play for you. Taking an interest in their performance will engage them and make them want to play better. While it might be rough to hear them in the beginning stages, your concentrated interest and constant approval and cheerleading will lead them to success.

Following this process will help to ensure that your child gets the most out of music school. And while it can give them lifelong mental health benefits that will improve their quality of life, it can also boost their happiness and give them a hobby that they turn to at numerous points over and over again.