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Head-To-Head Classroom Competitions

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If you’re a teacher, teaching your students to study vocabulary words may typically involve giving them homework to do over the weekend, but this method can be ineffective, especially if the children do not have anyone to aid them in their studies. Purchasing some educational crossword puzzles and use a competition setup and encouraging your students to engage in the team battle can be a fun and effective way to teach vocabulary. Read More»

Gordon Gould: Physics And Patents

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As internet connectivity becomes increasingly reliable, the curious among us may stop to wonder whom we have to thank for it. In the case of fiber optic internet, one of the founding fathers is physicist Gordon Gould (1920-2005), inventor of the optical amplifier. Optical amplifiers allow information to travel long distances via an optical technology similar to that of lasers, rather than first converting the information into an electrical signal. Arguably, Gould was also the inventor of the laser itself. Read More»