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3 Keys For Your Child To Grow And Develop Over The Summer

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When you want to raise kids that are self-actualized, healthy and strong, you need to be sure that you are engaging them in ways that lend to this. You will be better able to do so when you take a year-round approach to their development – summertime included. The tips below will help you put your thinking cap on when it comes to making sure your kids are taken care of in this regard. Read More»

When Your School Cuts Music Classes, You Should Get Your Child Into Music School

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The unfortunate truth about our education system and others around the world is that creative classes are being phased out slowly due to budget cuts and other issues. It is easier for them to justify expensive sporting programs and an increase in teacher salary than it is a music program that costs only a thousand dollars or so to run. This problem is troubling because there are many mental health benefits that your child can receive from music lessons. Read More»

3 Things To Consider When Sending Your Children To Private School

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Deciding where to send your children to school can be a big challenge. When looking into school systems, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Things like class size, curriculum, school location, extracurricular activities, and your child’s needs play roles when choosing a school. What type of school works for your children may also change as they go from elementary school to middle school and then into high school. Read More»