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Reduce Preschool Anxiety: How To Prepare Your Little One For This New And Exciting Change

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Has your child officially reached the age where he or she is eligible for preschool? You may think it is a great idea to send your child to preschool so that he or she gets to spend plenty of time with other kids while learning how to share and get a decent education. While some children adapt to preschool quickly, there are others who are a bit more fearful about the entire ordeal. However, there are a few things you can do to get your little one prepared for this new and exciting time in his or her life.

Practice the Basics

There are plenty of things your child will learn while attending preschool. However, you can help him or her prepare for lessons by practicing the basics at home. Some of the basics you should consider working on with your little one would include numbers, colors and shapes. Practice singing the alphabet and make up your own songs along the way that would show your child how fun learning can be.

Bring Your Child on a School Tour

Before your little one starts preschool, it helps to bring him or her on tour of the new school. Large buildings and new people may be a bit frightening to your little one, especially if he or she is a naturally shy person. During the tour, you could point out all of the neat things your child would be able to do. If the school has a cool jungle gym, make sure to show it to your child so that he or she can imagine how fun it would be to play on the jungle gym. If artwork created by other children is hanging on the walls, talk to your child about how fun it will be when he or she gets to participate in activities and make those kinds of things.

Get Your Child Excited

You may be able to get your little one excited for this new opportunity by allowing him or her to pick out the backpack and school accessories, such as a pencil bag, decorative pencils and  any other items that children might need while in preschool. Most preschools allow children to have naptime where they can rest and relax, so allowing your little one to bring a comfort item from home is always helpful, too.

Even if your child is a bit fearful about attending preschool, he or she will start to adjust. You can practice the basics, take your little one on a tour of the school and get him or her excited by allowing the child to pick out different school accessories. Your little one may soon learn to love going to school. For more information, contact companies like Kid's Country Learning Center.